Irish Singer, Songwriter, and Teacher


This class is for anyone who wants to find or develop his or her voice. You will learn basic singing skills in a very safe environment where you can explore and develop your unique instrument - your voice. This is not a performance-oriented class, nor is it about building repertoire; it is a class where you get permission to find and bring your inner singer out to play while learning the basic skills of breath and body support.

Sean-nós (old - style) singing defines Irish traditional singing. In this series of classes you will learn to sing some jewels from the Irish tradition as well as gain some understanding of the style. Songs will be taught in Irish (Gaelic) with the help of phonetics. The class builds repertoire, using repetition so it is important you attend all sessions to really learn the songs. The songs will be taught aurally (we will not use sheet music), so bring a recording device!

For more infomation, please email Mary Mc Laughlin via the Contact page.

In a world that is hectic and often stressful we all need an oasis -we carry that oasis inside of us but it can be hard to access. Our ancestors used chant to build community, to raise spiritual awareness,to celebrate, to mourn, to pray and to experience inner peace. Chant leads us inwards to that place where we feel more centered, calm andjoyous. Chant is repetitive, easy to sing and yet magical or "enchanting".

In this workshop Mary will lead you through chants from various sacred world traditions - chants that have served our ancestors well and are no less powerful today. You don't have to be a great singer to sing chant - it is a music of the people!

Individual lessons can either be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes long and you will get individual customized attention to:

• help you build your confidence

• acquire new skills

• make the transition from practicing to performing

All styles and levels are welcome. Mary specializes in Irish / Gaelic singing style.

For more infomation, please email Mary Mc Laughlin via the Contact page.

In addition to over 25 years experience of being an international singer, performer and recording artist, Mary holds an MA in Ritual Chant and Song, a graduate certificate of general education, a certificate of vocal music education and has just finished a certificated course in Sound and Healing. She is also a certified life-coach and has spent many years studying performance technique in London and California.

Mary has spoken and sung in Gaelic since the age of eleven and has studied with some of the top Sean -nós (Gaelic) singers in Donegal today.

She has taught vocal and performance technique to adults through the United States at camps and festivals and spent over twenty years as both a classroom teacher and professional development provider for teachers.

Mary has been the arts coordinator for county schools in Santa Cruz California as well as the director of Mary Mc Laughlin’s Cór Ainglí.

Mary McLaughlin is the whole package. A natural teacher, she possesses not only an extensive knowledge of the Sean-Nos song tradition but interlaces her her teaching with Irish history and ancient Celtic lore. It doesn't get any better than this!
Deni (office manager)

A rare opportunity to learn first-hand some of the most beautiful music in the world from a great teacher. You'll love it!
Tiffany, Professional Life Coach / Trainer

A natural teacher, Mary makes the intimidating Irish language very accessible through her wonderful phonetic translations. As we learn the songs, we get the backstory and other stories about Ireland that richly set the context. And the best moments of all are when Mary beautifully demonstrates the songs to the class and the hair rises on the back of my neck...

Mary was spectacular! Her professionalism, talent and enthusiasm meant that her students benefited from really excellent instruction. Her teaching style includes but is by no means limited to Irish singing. Her all camp workshops got everyone singing in an atmosphere that was supportive and creative; even a couple of folks who hadn’t sung since childhood responded positively to her work.
David Moore (Director North east Dulcimer Symposium)

Mary Mc Laughlin, a fabulous Celtic musician, gave personalizes and supportive lessons in voice as well as the only meaningful and effective performance counter-anxiety advice that has ever worked for me!
Renee (Office Manager)

Mary Mc Laughlin’s workshops were inspirational. She has a magic way about her that brings people together and makes the hearts of those around her sing. Even her songs in Gaelic are presented in such a simple and engaging fashion that both children and adults could understand and participate. Mary Mc Laughlin is one of Ireland’s secret treasures.
Melanie (Storyteller, puppeteer)

I just wanted to let you know that I am a person with little talent for foreign language and music, but your workshop was easy, enlightening and fun, allowing me to learn Gaelic in a memorable way with song.
Francis (Health Inspector)

Mary Mc Laughlin’s workshops are magical! She leads you on the path to open your voice and your heart. You’ll learn folk tunes in English and Gaelic about the old days and the old ways as well as about mythological heroes and heroines of yesterday and today. the experience of one of these workshops will stay with you for ever.
Janet (Space Scientist)

Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed learning new songs in a new language. In my voice classes I've learned songs in Italian, German, Spanish and French but haven't enjoyed them as much as the songs I learned today. I look forward to your book and CD with more music to learn!